It was her usual personal check up that led her to observe these abnormalities in her breast. She informed her doctor, who in turn carried out various other tests and confirmed the news to her. As the initial shock subsided she decided to fight back the mighty beast and get her life back from the clutches of this monster. She got the best treatment and she came out victorious. The cancerous lump feels different from the usual glands inside the breast. The mammogram detects this lump mostly. There are various types of cancers. Various types of stages mark the risk factors involved in treating it and being successful.

With timely diagnosis and effective medical treatment as well as positive attitude she is living a normal life and inspiring others to follow her footsteps. Breast Cancer NYC also helps women like her to fight against the cancer. There are medical experts who have devoted their life for enlightening the minds of people for cancer. When dealt with right attitude and timely expert help it is very much curable and non- relapsing. The fraternity and Gynecologist NYC offer help not only to those who are in distress but also to those who wish to help and sooth the lives of others.

They do this by conducting various seminars and lectures about this. Their motto is to face the reality hard in its face. They also offer help in diagnosing this deadly threat accurately in terms of stage, its scope and other risk factors. Based on this they also suggest and recommend various treatments including the mental health. As per their opinion, having a strong mental health can be the most powerful factor in defeating this battle. Today, not just the people from USA but also across the globe have been benefitted from their efforts. But these experts do not wish to just stop here, but continue their journey.

She was sitting there completely devastated, shattered. Her reports lying on her lap were passively shouting about her ill fate they were carrying inside. Her mammography was tested positive for cancer. Her doctor had just uttered those killing words to her; she was too numb to react and was gathering her collapsed bits and pieces. All shell shocked she stood up and suddenly she fell down. Off late she had been experiencing tenderness in her breast. Her skin on left breast was red and felt abnormally warm. There was also a slight presence of a lump.


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