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10 Positive Effects Of Medical Marijuana Collective You Didn’t Know About

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After a long period of research, experts have gotten a better understanding of medical marijuana. All these researches have led a nationwide change and many states have allowed the cannabis. Americans now appreciate the positive effects of it. As a result, people have set up marijuana collective outlets to help those who don’t grow their own.

Here are 10 positive effects of marijuana you didn’t know about

1. Prevents the proliferation of cancer cells

According to the researchers of the California Pacific Center, cannabis prevents the proliferation of the cancer cells by shutting down the Id-1 gene. This effect of hemp has been found on brain, lungs, prostate, cervix, and even in breast cancer cells.

2. Alleviates Arthritis Suffering

Patients of arthritis have reported less pain and a better sleep after taking a prescribed amount of hemp. Many researches have also proved the same.

3. Controls Seizer occurrence

It is a common knowledge that cannabis provides relaxation to the body. The product offered by Downtown Buyers Club has the ability to control the excitement of the brain and as a result it reduces the chances of seizers.

4. Works as a safeguard for brain from trauma

Marijuana effectively safeguards the brain from trauma. It lessens the area of the stroke effect. In addition, it also reduces the bruising of the brain for the patients who have had concussions and catalyzes the healing process of the brain.

5. Reduces the development of Alzheimer’s

The reason why Alzheimer’s development is the formation of amyloid plaques that kill the brain cells. Hemp blocks the enzyme that creates these plaques in the brain. Hence, it proves to be helpful in the reduction of the development of Alzheimer’s.

6. Helpful during Chemotherapy

For cancer patients under the ongoing process of chemotherapy, cannabis not only decreases the side effects of it, but also offers protection from other health issues. It is prescribed to a cancer patient to alleviate the pain, decrease nausea, and increase the appetite during the time period of chemo.

7. Helps people suffering from Anxiety

People suffering from anxiety are generally prescribed with low doses of hemp to create a sedative effect. Medical professional believe that the sedative effect can decrease the anxiety and other post-traumatic stress disorders.

8. Eradicates Inflammatory Bowel Disorders

Cannabinoids escalate the permeability of the intestines, which cause inflammatory bowel disorders like Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis. It is helpful for patients suffering from any of these diseases as it blocks the cannabinoids and improves the intestinal functions.

9. Assists during the treatment of Hepatitis C

According to a research, Hepatitis C patients, who use hemp, successfully complete the therapy and harsh treatment. It lowers the possibility of side effects like extreme fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite, depression, and muscle ache during the treatment of Hepatitis C.

10. Improves metabolism

According to the researchers in the American Journal of Medicine, cannabis users have healthier metabolisms. In addition, marijuana users were also found with better insulin and sugar levels.

Apart from all the medicinal properties, it can also be used to enhance the taste of the food. Downtown Buyers Club is allowing new experiences to your taste buds with a variety of marijuana edibles in LA.


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  • Posted On September 23, 2016
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