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10 Simple And Free Tips To Advertising Your Services

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Many writers use only free advertising methods and are successful. In fact I know several writers that are currently landing more jobs than they can handle and they don’t pay a single penny for advertising.
Below are 10 useful 100 % free advertising tips and ideas for promoting your writing services
* Article Marketing – Article marketing is an excellent and free way to gain article writing experience and writing experience in general. It’s also an effective way to get your writing in front of others, therefore, getting your website links and services freely advertised. Once you get your articles cycling throughout the web, webmasters and home business owners will see them and post them on their own sites. Also they may contact you if they need your writing services. As you can see article marketing is a win-win situation. It gives you writing experience as well as getting your name out there for others to see.
* Create a Website – You will want to create a high quality site including content for your target market in mind. To sell your writing services, you will need to include various examples of your writing. Let your writing style shine through the content you have displayed on your website. If you need help with a website, you may want to hire a web designer for this.
* Guest Blogging – Guest blogging is an excellent way to show off your writing skills. As a guest blogger, you will want to enter the best writing you can. Also for guest blogging, you will need to write exclusive articles or blog posts and include key words that will benefit the blog owner, and not you. You will have a chance to have your website displayed at the end of your article or blog post, (in your signature).
* Create a Blog – With creating a blog, you will be showcasing your writing. Only thing with a blog, you will want to write exclusive material, just like you would on a guest blog, as stated above. Follow blogs and comment on those that share the same niche as you. Most often, they will return the favor and frequent and comment on yours.
* Trading Articles – Trading articles with other webmasters will benefit both parties since you always include your resource box. Both parties will have a chance to gain another link out on the web and also receive new content for their website.
* Social Networking – Social network marketing is a must. If your social networking skills have grown stale, for your business, it’s a good idea to sharpen up on them. You will find good networking places on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and other social media. The idea is to network with others by building business relationships and really getting to know others that share the same niche. Also, by doing this, you will get others to trust you, therefore, they will often times purchase your products and services. Are you starting to see the benefits of social networking? I’ve tried it personally myself and I know it works and so have countless other people.
* Join Message Forums – Just as the social media sites are excellent for marketing, so is message forums. I’ve always loved networking on forums. If you carefully follow the rules and don’t spam your web links all over and join forums and participate the way a member is supposed to, you will gain much and be highly respected as a home business professional and forum member. Spamming ads on forums simply doesn’t work. If you practice advertising in this way, other members of the forum will never give you the time of day.
* Email Marketing – If you have a message forum or you have accumulated a mailing list over the years through marketing, you can send your members legitimate offers and also let them in on special sales you may have going on or any available discounts The main thing about email marketing is always give your members an option to opt out of the group if they so choose to.
* Business Cards and Flyers – Have you ever tried offline marketing? There are so many creative ways to market your home business offline. Business cards and flyers is a good place to start and you can make them yourself for hardly any cost at all. If you have a printer and some good crafting software, you can make these up yourself and save a bundle. Many stores, schools, libraries, restaurants, and other public places would be more than happy to let you display your business cards and flyers at your leisure. Just always make sure you ask before posting anything on bulletin boards. Some people may object for the simple reason of not getting permission first hand.
* Contact Old Clients – If you’ve been freelancing for awhile and have built a sizable clientele, why not contact your old clients? If you’ve been a top notch professional with them, and have always met deadlines, they will more than likely be needing (and desiring) your services again.
There you have it, 10 absolutely free ways to market your writing services to your advantage. I hope they are helpful.

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