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Direct Mail Sales Letters Flow Better With Subheads

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A subscriber to my newsletter asks: “Got any good pointers on
writing great sub-heads?” Yes, I do. Here they are.

Use subheads to draw attention to your copy

Why do we use subheads anyway? Because you can’t just cover the
important points in your copy. You’ve got to highlight key
points using graphic devices, such as bold type, italics,
underlining, bullets and subheads. If a key point is your
guarantee, then put the word “guarantee” in one of your
subheads. If your copy says somewhere that subheads help
skimming readers, then put that vital point in a subhead, like

Use subheads to help skimming readers

Readers like to skim. So use subheads to show readers what each
section of your direct mail piece discusses. Look at this
article, for example. A glance from top to bottom tells you this
article has four tips on writing effective subheads. You
discovered that by skimming. Subheads lead your readers point by
point through your sales pitch. This way, readers who only skim
your copy still learn, in outline form, what you are selling.

Use subheads to break up large blocks of text

Page after page of uninterrupted type is monotonous to look at
(unless you are reading a novel). But if you break up your copy
with a subhead here and there, you show your readers that there
is some respite along the way. Subheads make your copy more
inviting to read.

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