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Using articles for search engine ranks

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Using articles to rank high .

Search engine rankings are very important especially if you are
selling something on internet . There are many ways of boosting
your search engine ranks . One of them is articles distribution .
Here’s how it is done to get the most of it .

Visit a few forums to find out a burning topic . Generally on a
forum , you will come across people who are trying to find
solutions to a problem . Example : How to get my website indexed
? What is a good navigation ? And there are tons of these on any
search engine forum !

Find a forum that matches your website’s theme and look into the
problems of people .

Now if you have been writing articles , then write an article explaining one
topic in detail . If you don’t have much experience in writing
articles , then hire a firm that has writers . Generaally such
firms will also distribute your article to article sites .

In the resource box of your article is a link to your website .
Make sure that your
website design is friendly . When people visit your website
it should not look like they have landed on just another website
. Instead they should feel like it is a professional website .
Remember they liked the article and now want to see what else
you got and that is why they are on your website . Present
yourself as a professional and not like a site that is built to
add to your ad sense account .

If you are writing an article yourself , then you must
concentrate on distributing it also . The more you distribute an
article , the more chances it has of getting picked up . The
first place to submit an article is to article sites . Then you
can also contact ezine owners to publish your article .

If one ezine owner agrees to publish your article , then you are
sure to recieve high traffic to your website in no time . When
you visit sites , and see a newsletter subscription box ,
contact the webmaster and ask if they are open to publish
articles of other writers . If yes , then send them your
articles in text format .


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