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Article Submission and Posting in Forums

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Article Submission and Posting in Forums

To start off lets look at all the junk on the internet about
getting number 1 rankings in search engines, How to get rich
over night, and all that bull. Plain and simple that stuff is a
bunch of hype to sell products.

To prove a point here if they have a secret formula to get
ranked in the top ten of the search engines. Do you think for
one minute that these authors of software, and eBooks would tell
everybody? I think not.

Getting to the topic of this article there really is a way to
dramaticly increase traffic to your websites and that is by good
old fashioned hard work. Sorry about that but there just is not
a way to get rich quick other than win the lottery. Posting in
as many forums as you can and writing articles and submitting
them can and will over a period of time not only improve your
results but will also increase the forums activity.

The amount of posts in any 1 particular forum is probably not
going to raise your page rank in the search engines but the more
you post with your signature the more people will find you
because you have more key words for people doing searches.

Remember search engines index and crawl webpages this is
important for everyone to know they don’t go to just the key here is “pages”, like this one I am
submitting this article to.

Don’t take my word for all of this. Research what this article
is telling you and prove to yourself the plain and simple facts.
I am going to give you a simple test later on in this article
with a link to check popularity, by the way I would bookmark
this link it may come in very handy in the future.

One of the sites in my signature is and I
posted to another forum with this link in my signature a few
days ago. Do you know that my signature actually brought up
posts from that forum as well.

Here is the link to check link popularity: go there and copy and paste it brings up 3 links at MSN. This was
in a few days imagine what months of posting can do.

For what its worth forum admins and owners would be wise to
encourage signatures and reference links to sites that are
content relevant. This would help everyone who is actively
participating within these forums. Spam in most forums is not
tolerated my suggestion is stay within the topics when posting
and if you will be submitting articles or guides they should be
informative and entertaining with links that are relevant.

In my opinion if you use the information contained within this
short page you will increase the visitors to your site
dramaticly. If your looking for something that will happen over
night without putting in some time and alot of work then this is
not for you. I hope this guide has been entertaining and

Authored By: Smiley Webb (e-info_man)


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  • Posted On May 22, 2006
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