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Building Links For Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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In the past all you had to do to get good rankings in Google and
the other search engines was to trade links with several other
web sites using your key words in the link text. Although this
still holds true today, I have reason to believe sites are being
penalized for not using a directory style link structure with no
more than 25 links per page. Having a directory style links
system on your site will make it more of a resource to your
visitors and not just a bunch of un-organized links all lumped
together on a single page.

There are of coarse other ways to attract incoming links to your
web site without providing a link back or what’s called a
reciprocal link.

1. There are thousands of forums out there that will allow your
links in a short signature file at the end of each post. Join
forums that are related to your subject matter and take part in
the discussions. Make sure you use your key words in you
signature file link and not just your URL. For a short list
click on the following blog link

2. Submit your site to as many directories as you can. There are
thousands of directories out there that will post your website
into there directory for free and also some that charge a small
one time fee. Again your title or link text is key. Make sure
you are using your key words in your link text or title. For a
short list click on the following blog link

3. Writing and submitting articles like this one with a small
resource box at the end is also a good way to attract one way
links back to your site. When you submit your articles to the
many article directory portals you are getting links from the
portal site, plus people will search for and use the articles
from the portal site on their own sites. If you write just 1
good article and submit it to 10-20 portal sites you could end
up with 100′s of back links over a very short time. For a short
list click on the following link

4. Writing and submitting press releases work almost the same
way an article works. You write the press release and submit it
to PR sites. The PR site will submit it to the major search
engine for a small fee and your press release could end up on
Google and Yahoo news search the next day. People are also
looking for free news feeds to syndicate on their web sites and
blogs. If you write a good news piece it could end up on 100′s
of blogs and other news sites around the web. Again make sure
your web site link is in the news piece some were. For a short
list visit the following blog link.


5. Free classifieds may not provide you with much traffic but
you can create hundreds of back links to your web site with a
little time and effort. For a short list visit the following

6. There are also web sites that will place your link on their
front page as a sponsored link for a small fee. For this to work
thou you need to make sure your links are up for more than a
month or two. If the search engine picks up your link one month
but its gone the next it won’t do much good.

So for those of you who concentrate entirely on reciprocal links
and are wondering what has happened to your Google ranking, you
may want to consider a few or all of the above linking


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