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Artist Illustration

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The world of animation is ever expanding. With innovations in
computer animation, illustration has grown far beyond Saturday
morning cartoons. Animation has evolved into a complex component
of web-design and nearly every element of mass media. With the
help of personal computers and powerful design software, the
power to become an animator has never been more accessible to
the general public. Computer design software may be accessible
to the public, but the skill required to operate these programs
can take months or years to develop. This may lead those
interested in animation to turn to a professional animator for
instruction. Interested parties may simply hire an animator to
create the perfect animation for the need of the client. Today
animation is becoming a more versatile tool rather than just a
form of entertainment. Artist Illustration can be an integral
part of a website or a multimedia tool used to enhance a
corporate presentation. Many companies are turning to animation
to improve brand image. Animation can also revitalize the image
of a company and assist in market penetration. Illustrators now
have the ability to tailor their services to the specific needs
of its clients. A client may need a banner advertisement placed
on a certain website to increase more traffic and gain more
buyers of a product. Animators also use sophisticated software
to create attractive animated websites that attract buyers and
traffic. These tools can add a new level of professionalism to
an otherwise bland site.

Client Involvement

Many artist illustration services involve the customer from
start to finish. The illustrators keep the client involved in
the creation of the product to insure a final product the client
will approve. This direct line of communication with the client
is vital in maintaining a successful business. Illustrators know
that whether a client wants a sophisticated flash animated
website or a simpler corporate logo must keep the vision of the
client first and foremost. This attention to detail can make or
break the illustrator-client relationship.

Roles of the Artist

Today’s animator is more than just an artist. The animator must
manage all aspects of the cutting-edge industry of design.
Today’s artist must keep current on the technology and industry
trends. This allows the artist to provide the highest level of
service to his/her client base. The animator must also perform
an editorial role. This role allows the artist to interpret the
needs of client and turn them into a finished product. The
illustrator can then create a product that reflects his/her own
personal style while giving the client satisfactory results.
Work, for the artist, is not all about bottom lines and client
approvals, however. The artist has many other outlets that allow
true expression of ideas. These side projects are the true
passion of the artist. These animations give the artist the
latitude to push the limits of his/her ability. These projects
are the pride and joy of the artist and the passion shines
through in these works. Many of these projects go on to win
awards. Others develop a cult following. Whether the artist is
working for the corporate world or working an elaborate side
project, the creativity comes through in all aspects of the
artist’s work. Although the roles of the artist have changed
with the evolution of technology, the drive and passion of
creation remain intact with artists of all genres.


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