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Sony Noise Canceling Headphones Reviewed

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Sony’s latest foray into the world of noise cancelling
headphones has resulted in good quality product. The market is
clearly dominated by Bose with its’ QuietComfort 2 headphones,
which are leading the way in almost every aspect of noise
cancelling technology. However, Sony have come up with model,
the MDR-NC6, which is a serious contender for those who are
after serious sound quality and noise cancelling ability, while
still keeping an eye on the budget.

For the techno geeks out there her are some specifications.

Specifications * Audio

* Sensitivity: Power On: 106dB/mW; Power Off: 104dB/mW

* Impedance: Power On: 20 ohms at 1kHz; Power Off: 65 ohms at

* Frequency Range: 10 dB at 300 Hz

* Noise Reduction: 40 – 1,500 Hz

* General

* Type: Open air, dynamic

* Driver Unit: 38mm diameter, dome type

* Magnet: Neodymium

* Frequency Response: 30-15,000Hz

* Headphones: Adjustable; Foldable (Swivel)

* Power

* Power Handling Capacity: 100mW

* Battery Life: Alkaline: Sony LR03/AM-4(N) Approx. 30H;
Manganese: Sony R03/UM-4(NU) Approx. 15H

* Weights and Measurements

* Weight: 5.29 oz (150g)

* Dimensions: 7 1/64 x 2 1/64 x 9 1/64 in

* Supplied Accessories

* Carry Pouch

* Inflight Plug Adapter

* Optional Accessories

* AAA Battery

Sony claims that their new headphones can reduce ambient sound
by over 10dB at 300Hz. This is nothing short of spectacular when
considering that the asking price for this unit is under half
that of the Bose alternative. Bose’s headphones are also
reviewed by this author at As
should be expected from an established company like Sony, the
MDR-NC6 comes with all of the standard features, such as:

-adjustable headset -swivel folding earcups -compact flat
folding design and, -plug adaptor for both in-flight and home
stereo compatibility

These features can be found on any noise cancelling headphones
that are worth their salt.

Basically these headphones are best described as a close second
to its Bose counterpart. Both the passive and active noise
cancelling capability of Bose is superior to this model but the
real advantage lies in the price. This model proves that you
don’t need to pay exorbitant amounts of money for high quality
noise cancelling headphones. Essentially, Bose have pioneered
this new technology with a tremendous product, but Sony are
blazing a new trail, which may just prove to be more successful
in the marketplace. In any case, the duel between these two
giants of the audio industry is destined to see consumers win.
More information about other brands of noise canceling
headphones is available at


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