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Don’t Let Your Precious Memories Fade Away

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Some things last forever…videotape is NOT one of them. The
expected life of a VHS videotape is only 10-15 years.

In the current world of electronics, the safest way to preserve
your precious video memories is to transfer them to DVD. Many of
our customers have already begun to notice that VHS videotapes
recorded only a few years ago are showing wear.


Unlike videotape, DVDs will not deteriorate after every time
it’s played. Each time a videotape is played, its tiny magnetic
particles rub off causing it to degrade. Eventually, this may
cause your video to experience “drop outs” or other loss of
quality and, in time, the video may not be viewable at all.

Rather than magnetic particles, a DVD is made up of encoded bits
of information that are read by a laser. Because the laser never
actually touches the disc, there is no deterioration with each


DVDs cannot be erased or accidentally recorded over. Besides of
its durability, DVD is also resistant to heat. The only way to
damage your DVD is to physically damage its surface.

The current life expectancy of a VHS videotape is 10-15 years
while a DVD’s life span is indefinite, often approximated at 100

DVDs are also capable of storing or archiving still images, top
quality audio, and direct links to the Internet. The longevity
and variety of use, combined with its compact size, make DVD the
perfect choice for archival storage.


There is no rewinding or fast forwarding with a DVD…as there
is with a videotape. You can instantly scan forward or backward
with a DVD and it’s much easier to locate a certain portion of a
DVD than on a videotape. DVDs can contain titles and chapter
marks to save considerable time when searching.


Let Duplication Media preserve your training, marketing, and
family videotapes by converting them to DVD with our
professional DVD recorders. We can transfer from more than 15
different video formats – consumer, professional, and broadcast.

Videotapes won’t last forever so preserve them before the
memories fade away.


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