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2007 GMC Yukon: Still Too Much?

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I realize I may be stepping on some toes, but please hear me
out. The upcoming, new from the ground up, GMC Yukon is certain
to be perceived by some as being too much…in size, that is.
With fuel prices at an all time high and consumer sentiment
shifting to smaller vehicles will the GMC Yukon be considered
outdated even before it hits showroom floors in Spring 2006?
Let’s take a look at many of the changes planned for the all new
Yukon and then you can decide for yourself.

General Motors has been itching to release the Yukon and a host
of other full sized GMC/Chevrolet models to the public as soon
as possible. Some find this odd, particularly since fuel prices
are high and demand for large vehicles is on the decline. Still,
there is good reason why GM wants you to take a closer look at
upcoming offerings including the 2007 GMC Yukon, their big SUV:

1. New from the ground up. Ask anyone who purchases large
trucks and SUVs and they will tell you that owning one with the
latest technology is often a deciding factor in purchasing a new
model. GM is right on schedule with the update; however as with
any “older model” vehicle currently on the market sales
typically decline as a new model is prepared for release.

2. Engine efficiency. The 2007 Yukon’s two V8s will
produce greater horsepower than the previous engines, but they
will register an increase in fuel economy. How so? General
Motors is incorporating Displacement on Demand
technology, which deactivates some of the cylinders at low loads
for increased fuel economy. You may recall a more basic version
of this technology being applied to Cadillac models in the early
1980s; that particular V8-6-4 technology was ahead of its time
and GM had to pull it back then as the engines did not do what
was intended for them to do. Now, more than a generation later,
General Motors has worked out all the kinks and has vastly
improved on the original idea.

3. Safety. Roof mounted side curtain air bags will now be
made available for all three rows of passengers. GM has been on
a major offensive over the past half decade or more in stressing
safety, a big seller for any vehicle. A better ABS system and
StabiliTrak, GM’s premier handling system, will also be included.

4. Technological improvements. Rear camera systems, power
fold and tumble rear seats, and an improved navigation system
are some of the updates. The interior of the 2007 Yukon is
actually larger than preceding models.

While General Motors can only wish that fuel prices were lower,
the company is hoping that each of their new models can take a
greater slice of the shrinking big truck/SUV pie. With new
models from Ford still a year or two away, the Yukon is poised
to cut into Expedition sales as well as take back sales lost to
Lexus. Even with high fuel prices in place, there will likely
always be a core market of people who need a vehicle of the
Yukon’s size; General Motors knows this and has updated their
line of vehicles to keep pace.


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