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Looking for Telephone Bugs

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If you are worried about telephone bugs, then you need to make
sure that you have the right counter surveillance equipment.
This will allow you to protect yourself from eavesdroppers who
want to listen in on your conversations. If you want to stay
private, then you need to be on the look out for telephone bugs,
especially since these bugs may work beyond just your phone
calls and May, in fact, also double as room monitors. The first
piece of equipment you need when searching out telephone bugs is
your eyes. You need to be alert and look around. Watch people
who enter your home. Do they show a great deal of interest near
your phone? Someone borrowing your phone to “make a quick phone
call” can easily bug it. Most people go into another room for
this sort of thing, protecting them from listeners as well as
from prying eyes. If you suspect someone may have been able to
tamper with your phone, you can take the phone apart fairly
easily to look for bugs (or just buy a new phone). Another thing
to look for when attempting to uncover phone bugs is innocent
looking contraptions nearby. Is there always a cell phone
charging near the phone? Do you have a new phone jack adapter?
These are tip offs that the equipment may be spy gear instead of
what it looks like. You can also use your eyes outside your
home. Does it look like there is an extra wire somewhere that is
tapping into your line? Check around for these sorts of
telephone bugs is also important. Telephone bugs often either
use some of the power used by the phone or transmit a signal. A
bug sweeper can help you locate these types of bugs. Some money
invested in a good sweeper can help you with your counter
surveillance needs as you locate intruding spy bugs. This
sweeper either detect an increase in power drawn by the phone
(to power the bug) or detects frequencies used to transmit
signals carrying your conversations. You need to be on your toes
if you want to protect yourself from eavesdroppers using
telephone bugs. (c) 2005 Copyright This
article is about: Telephone Bugs.


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