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Google And The Government…..Why?

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I’m no history expert but the last time I checked it was the
United States not China

that was the land of the free, so why is our government
sticking their noses into how

Google is handling their search results in China?

I think it is safe to consider that the reason for all this
attention has something to do

with Google not handing over usage data to the U.S. Injustice
Department. Before

Googles refusal to hand over that data there was no mention of
how other search

engines were filtering their results in other countries,
coincidence? I don’t know

about you but I think there is a pretty clear link, and I also
think that no one Googling

in the U.S. cares about the filtering of search results in
other countries aside from

feeling bad for the searchers that don’t have the lighter
government filtering that I’m

sure some worthy hacker could prove is being used by our own
government of the

land of freedom.

If the U.S. Justice Department wants to find out what people are
looking for online, why

can’t they spend about a billion less dollars of our tax
dollars and just visit a few

webmaster resource sites, and find out the hard way like the
rest of us online etailers

and search engine optimizers?

In case no one noticed, once again the government is using your
safety as the bait to

get you to support their effort to obtain this information,
citing the war on child

pornography and the prevention of underage access to adult
material as the front that

needs this information. If governments truly want to keep adult
content where it belongs

with adults, then they should all work together for once and
let ICANN provide an adult

domain extension such as .xxx and require that sites with
pornographic material use

that extension so it can easily be filtered.

Do I agree with this as a webmaster? No. Adult content providers
have spent a

fortune on domain names and all these investments would go down
the drain should

they not be permitted to market under their rightfully owned
domain names. I think

that is one of the major obstacles to that plan, battles over
rights to domain names under the new extension between
competitors and domain squatters would cost all of them and some
taxpayers some tax dollars setting these disputes in court I’m

Do I agree with it as a parent to be and a taxpayer? Yes.
Requiring an online red-light

district of sorts would simplify the filtering of content and
free up all those tax dollars

that are being wasted on hassling Google making that money
available to agencies that

pursue and prosecute child pornographers where the money should
be being spent.

The information on search data is out there and it’s free if
they are willing to do the

work, so write your state reps and tell them to stop wasting
our tax dollars and our

Justice Department resources trying to get free information.
And if they want to get

involved on the way U.S. based companies are “cooperating with
China’s censorship

policies to mae a buck.” (quoted from statement by Chris Smith
R-NJ), they could

expand that curiosity to include the way many other U.S.
companies alter the way

they do business to make a buck in other countries. Maybe they
just haven’t figured

out how to include that in the “fighting for our safety” ad
campaign or perhaps they

would lose too many campaign contributions protecting us that


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