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Latest Ebay Email Scam – Very Tricky

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I received an email from ebay, asking me to do a simple survey
for 20 dollars. Google had conducted similiar surveys and it is
not surprising that ebay could do the same. The survey was very
tempting because I had nothing to loose and I believed many
people would think the same way like I did. The email was
written professionally and there was nothing suspicious about
the links.

Like the paypal email scam that I wrote earlier,, the latest
ebay email scam looked really believable and I almost fell for
it. Many people are used to receiving scam emails asking them to
update their details but this one is more tricky. I hope this
article can prevent unwary internet users from being cheated by
unethical people. The email looks like this:

—– eBay’s Survey Department

Dear eBay Member,

You have been chosen by the eBay’s Survey Department to take
part in our quick and easy 6 question survery, In return we will
instantly credit $20 to your account – Just for your time!
Helping us better understand how our customer’s feel benefits
everyone. With the information collected we can decide to direct
a number of changes to improve and expand our online service.
The information you provide us is all sensitive – No part of it
is handed down to any third party groups. It will be stored in
our secure database for a maximum of 7 days while we process the
results of this nationwide survey.

We kindly ask you to please spare 2 minutes of your time in
taking part with this unique offer!

To Continue click or copy and paste the link below :


Regards, eBay’s Survey Department —–

If you click on the link, you will arrive at and there is nothing wrong with the
site(Ebay logo, header, footer…etc). You might think that belongs to ebay. Wrong! If you type in the url, you will arrive at a totally different site.

Upon entering, you will be asked to do a
simple survey, then you are asked to sign in. The site looks
real because it actually checks if your userID and password are
valid. If you enter the userID as “blar” and password as
“12345″, the login will not work. You should be able to login
with any fake userID and password (more than 8 characters for
each). After that, you will be given a very good reason to
reveal your credit card details.

— Why do we need your credit card information?

Please enter your credit card information linked with your eBay
and/or Paypal account. We will deposit the $20 cash back
directly to your account within three business days of your next

The Credit will appear as “eBay Reward Survey” on your next
billing statement. —

If you enter your credit card details, then “bye bye”. The fake
ebay email uses the popular idea of “getting paid for doing
surveys” to cheat unwary internet users. The email is tricky,
tempting, well-planned and believable. I am pretty sure that
this scam is going to claim alot of victims. If you have friends
using ebay services, make sure you warn them before it is too


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