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Why Get a C ustom Tattoo Design Done by a Professional Tattoo Artist?

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You might have noticed that in the past year or two that everywhere you go things can now be customized to suit the consumer. For example I was purchasing a sandwich the other day at a local sub shop. They first asked how long, then it was what kind of bread, what kind of cheese, what kind of mayo and on and on the list went.

Well, this has become a major trend in marketing that truly benefits the consumer. You no longer have to pay top dollar and just get whatever you get. Now you can get things exactly like what you want.

This marketing trend has also become one of the biggest trends in the world of tattoos since sliced bread. The old fashioned way to get a tattoo done we all know too well. You go to the local parlor and look at the beautiful tattoo flash or designs on the wall and you pick one. It was basically like ordering at MacDonald. I will take a number #2 combo the Celtic Butterfly with a side or shooting star tattoos extra large.

Well, like MacDonalds frequently does the tattoo world has really improved and almost reinvented itself in the last few years. This growth is still taking place even now. You see the days of getting a tattoo done in the above mentioned way are starting to disappear. It didn’t allow for individuality or self expression. The old fashioned way lead to a lot of people getting the same tattoos and for cheap. Well, just like many people go out and buy a stock car and then start tweaking it all out to fit their needs or a computer that is tweaked to fit there needs you can now do the same things with tattoo designs.

You can come up with a concept for a tattoo that you want done. Then you can go online and post a job for a bunch of freelance tattoo artists to bid on. You then view some samples of their work and pick a custom tattoo designer or artist to do the work for you. They will then work with you and flesh out the rough idea that you had into a complete custom tattoo design.

This way of getting tattoo designs has some definite advantages over the old fashioned way. No longer will you have the same popular tattoo that thousands of others probably have.

You can get the design sized to fit exactly the location on your body that you want it.

Now you can customize the color, shape, design, and even initial concept for your design. It is truly like tricking out a car or a computer you can get things exactly like how you want them.

So this new way of getting tattoos done has started to revolutionize the whole world of tattoo and tattoo design. It is getting harder and harder to sell pre-made designs and the growth of custom tattoo designs is significantly increasing.

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