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How to Double Your Direct Mail Response Rate Guaranteed

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Direct mail is a new way of advertising a product or service. It
deviates from the usual mass of audience wherein advertisers
will make costly campaigns just to promote their products.

In direct mail, you do not have to create costly campaigns. All
you have to do is to write some letters, use some effective
sales pitches, and send them out through emails.

The good thing about it is that the product is being advertised
directly to the customers. It also entails a large group of
consumers but the difference is that with direct mails, the
recipient is highly targeted. This means that the direct mails
being sent to these groups is targeted, meaning the people who
receives direct mails usually have something in common.

However, not all direct mails are created equal. This goes to
show that the direct mail response rate may not be the same.

Moreover, there are people who belong to the same group that may
not be interested with what is being offered in your direct
mails. Hence, it is important to come up with a method that will
guarantee a double increase in your direct mail response rate.

Hereís how:

1. Send the right message

The problem with most businesses that use direct mails is that
they take writing mails for granted. Most of them thought that
as long as you place a sales pitch on your mail, chances are, it
will generate the response rate that you want.

The problem is that it does not work to all of the people in
your mailing list. Hence, the only guarantee that your response
rate will be doubled is the fact that your mail should
incorporate and instill in the minds of the readers the right
message that you want to convey. If they understand what you
want to tell them, chances are, they will respond.

2. Regularity

It is important that you will regularly send direct mails to
your customers. This will constantly inform them that there are
some new products available in your business or you want to some
information regarding the benefits they can get from your

The important thing is that you must keep your customers updated
to whatever is happening in your business.

3. Balance your direct mail

The problem with most people who fail in using direct mail is
that they create an imbalanced direct mail. There are instances
wherein a particular bunch of direct mails focuses more on the
product or the sales pitch. They have forgotten to consider the
way it should have been presented.

Hence, the important thing in guaranteeing double response rate
in direct mail is that it should be presented in a balanced

Experts say that it would be better if the proportion of the
factors to be considered when making direct mails should be: 20%
on outline or presentation, 40% on the list, and 40% on the
proposal or the sales pitch itself.

4. Create the need to act now

There are cases wherein the main reason why people do not
respond to direct mails is based on the fact that the
advertisers do not compel the people to respond through actions.
In fact, when analyzed, these direct mails that do not generate
positive response rate do not even ask their customers for some

If these things are lacking in your direct mail, chances are,
even if your direct mail is well presented, the probability of
generating sales from it will be next to impossible.

5. Follow up

The problem with most direct mailers is that they are already
contented once they have generated sales from their customers.
The problem is that they fail to follow it up.

The point here is that doing some follow ups will guarantee your
direct mail response rate a double increase because it will keep
your customers on the hook. The important thing is to control
them so that whenever they are in need of something, they can
always resort to your products.

The bottom line is that guarantees or assurances in direct mails
are not absolute. This is because the guaranteed double direct
mail response rate will all depend on the way the business will
utilize and maximize the potentials of direct mail service.


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