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Are You Susceptible to a Mobile Phone Spy?

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Nearly anyone can become a mobile phone spy in this day and
age. This is because there are a number of devices that can
allow nearly anyone to listen in, and because many mobile phones
are being outfitted with GPS tracking devices. This means that
it is easier for a neighbor to be a mobile phone spy, and even
easier for the government to do so. And encryption does not
always help, either. Because technology has made such huge
advancements, it is possible for a mobile phone spy to be just
about anywhere. Some of these spies make use of equipment like
scanners and interceptors. Others actually use sophisticated
cell phones that look like regular cell phones but allow access
to both sides of the conversation. While most scanners and
interceptors can be foiled by encryption of signals, the cell
phones that function as regular cell phones are immune to
encryption, as the mobile phone spy has access to the phone
itself. The good news about these more sophisticated phones is
that you will not likely be taken in, as long as you are
vigilant about who accept a cell phone from. If someone gives
you a cell phone as a gift, be aware that it may be a special
mobile phone spy phone that allows them unrestricted access to
what is going on around the phone, as well as to the
conversations that are had over the phone. So be careful of whom
you accept cell phones from. With GPS tracking, it also makes it
easier on a person who would like to be a mobile phone spy. And
many phones are just made with the capability now. It has its
uses, since you can figure out whether or not there is a traffic
jam in your way, but it is interesting to note that it will make
it easier for police and government surveillance. Of course, if
you want to spy on your kids to make sure they are where they
are supposed to be, then you can use these phones to become a
mobile phone spy yourself. (c) 2005 Copyright This article is about: Mobile Phone Spy.


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