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Challenge often come our way but it is the way we accept it that
makes us either grow or suffer defeat. I have been taught that i
should rather respond to them than reacting to them. Reacting to
them is giving life to it. One of the common ways by which we
react to these challenges is through FEAR. Someone said fear is:
False Evidence Appearing Real. That is why Prsident Theodore
Roosevelt said “The only thing we need to fear is fear itself.”
Most times 90% of our fears never really happen, so it’s useless
to react as if the FALSE is REAL. Responding to our challenges
is dwelling on the possible solution that best solve our
problem. Someone said “There is no hopeless situation, only
people who think holeplessly. You are not responsible to what
life throws at you but are definitely responsible to what you
make of it. So many people have allowed life’s challenges to
cancel their lifetime because they’ve decided to react to their
mountains rather than use it as an elevator towards reaching
higher. As Andres Lara said “Life will blow against you. Dont
resist its flow, because what you resist (react to) will
persist. You cannot control the fact that the wind is blowing
north when you are going south, yet you can control you sails.
You cannot control where you start, yet you have absolute
control of your actions and, therefore, of where you end up.”
Your energies should be directed on how to turn your problems
into propellers. The Most awful situation can become solution
when we set our minds right. As the Chinese said “You cannot
prevent birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can
prevent them from building nests in your hair.” We are only
capable of achieving the impossible when we make out challenges
solutions and just like Robert Schuller said “For every mountain
their is a miracle.”

The miracle can be found when we are willing to look for it.
Just as the bible says, it is only as we seek that we’ll find.
Indeed every adversity has in it a greater or equivalent
benefit. Here’s a quote from the man who escaped from Cuba, had
no money,was homeless but turned out to be a Nationally known
speaker, a president of inspiration magazine, and an author of
many books Andres Lara : “There is always a creative way to turn
your weakness into a strength. Your job is to fine that way.”
The victory within is dos not assert itself until we are ready.
God has made the way, find that way!


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  • Posted On July 23, 2006
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