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Don’t over MOD your forum!

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Many forum owners tend to do one special thing. They find as
many modifications to the forum software as they can and install
every single one of them. This will not only make your forum
look bad but it will also cause it to run slow. Every MOD takes
mySQL queries, and as many queries that has to be run, the more
the server has to work, and in the end, this work will be the
thing the users will say is slow. And a reminder, the most forum
software’s you download or purchase is packed with features from
the start.

So why do you install modifications to your forum? Because you
want to enchant the forum even more and make it more unique. But
instead of making it unique you are doing as many forum owners.
Making it more like other sites and makes users want to leave
it. So therefore a good advice from my side is that don’t over
MOD your forum! It is simply not worth it. In the end you will
be sitting there with your forum taking time to load and eating
up your server resources. And add one and one together and you
figure out that it is not good


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  • Posted On July 27, 2006
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