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The Importance Of Bullets In Your Sales Copy

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Most people think of bullets as something that comes out of a
shotgun or revolver that can potentially hurt or kill.

But in copywriting, bullets are nothing more than little
headlines that reveals benefits to your prospect throughout your
sales copy.

This doesn’t mean their presence is of little importance, in
fact nothing can be further from the truth.

Bullets can compel your prospect to read further into your sales
copy, get him or her excited about your offer and rush to buy
what you have to offer.

Most great sales copy have a long list of bullets, sometimes as
many as 30 to 60 bullets. The reason being that it offers your
prospect a list of benefits that any one or more might be enough
reason or appealing for your prospect to want to buy what you
have to offer in your sales copy.

Not impossible but it is highly unlikely that every single
bullet in your bullet list will appeal and excite your prospect.
But what having a list of bullets does is raise your chances of
having some bullets that will hit your prospect and make him or
her realize that if he or she gets your product for that
particular benefit or benefits, it will be more than worth it.

In a nutshell, different people are motivated by different
reasons and benefits, so by having a list of bullets of
benefits, you are actually covering all grounds.

Every prospect will have different so called ‘hot buttons’ that
will get him or her to want to buy what you have to offer. A
particular prospect will probably read a sale copy that has a
list of bullets and buy based on just one bullet.

Bullets are really very strong motivators that will get your
prospect to do just what you want them to do.

Just like the headline for your sales copy, your bullets must
convince and compel your prospect to want what you have to offer
and read the rest of your copy. Your bullets must also be
benefit-laden and enticing. Remember to focus on your prospect’s
needs, wants, pains, and frustrations.

Here’s an example of the bullets you would use if you wanted to
sell the ultimate lifestyle

* More time to spend with your loved ones * More money to buy
things for your loved ones and increase the quality of your life
* More time to do the things you’ve ALWAYS wanted to do but
never got to do * Never having to wake up to an alarm clock *
Being able to take the 30 second commute to work, working as and
WHEN you please * Being able to take more vacations and actually
making money while vacationing


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