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Protecting Your Computer

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If you surf the internet you have to take precautions so that
your computer and the data does not get compromised.

If you buy items online, surf the internet or use email then
here are several tips to keeping your computer and your personal
information secure.

Many people find it very easy to safeguard themselves by
installing antivirus protection. Most antivirus protection
software protects your computer from known viruses and Trojan
horses. If a new virus is detected, your virus software will
automatically download the new definition so that your computer
will be safe.

Trojan horses are tiny programs that are downloaded
inadvertently from the web. These small programs look for
personal information and secretly upload it to a database. Many
computer users have lost personal and financial information with
the use of Trojan Horses.

One of the most damaging of all malicious software is the back
door Trojan virus. Unlike many other types of malicious code,
the back door Trojan virus is designed specifically to take
advantage of vulnerabilities in the operating system such as
Windows. The virus uses a back door into the computer too steal
personal information, wipe files, or do other types of damage.
To make matters worse, some of these back door Trojan horses
disguise themselves and hide from anti virus software. Some are
even intelligent enough to disable and render unusable your anti
virus and firewall software.

You should also protect your computer from Spyware. Spyware is a
tiny program that is downloaded usually when you download
another program for free off the web. Spyware can be very
irritating. Spyware keeps records of what your search for online
and then sends you advertisements. Spyware can be difficult to

It is also vital to protect yourself from Spoof emails. Spoof
emails look like real emails from Ebay, Paypal, Banks and big
credit card companies, but they are fake. Most spoof emails ask
you to provide a website with financial information and then
they steal this information. If you receive any emails that ask
you for financial details, shut your browser, open up a new
browser and contact your company’s web site personally to see if
there is a message for you.

Steps you can take to avoid problems with viruses and Trojans
include being vigilant and paying attention to how your computer
appears to be running. If you notice a decrease in performance
that cannot be easily explained, or if you see an icon you do
not recognize on the taskbar, it is a good idea to scan your
computer and look for problems. Paying attention to your own
computer, and using your own common sense, is one of the best
ways to protect yourself and your computer.


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