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Give Your Customers More Than Promises

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Almost all customers love free stuff. This is a lesson that I
learned many years ago. I always try to offer a customer
something that is free. Customers remember the free item more
than items that they buy. Of all the different types of adds
that I have run over the years, its the free offers that people
cut out and save. After all think about ccoupons that people
save. They don’t collect product adds they will collect coupons.
That is why I like to always advertise my free items. I even
plan days around free give aways. When customers are at nursery
I will even make up a free offer on the spot many times such as
when I ask the customer, ” Do you know what day it is? Do you
know its free LILac day? Let me show you a Lilac that is free
today”. I will then give them a lilac and say such things as
every landscape needs at least one lilac. I can them show them
all the different lilacs that we have and promote many different
lilacs. I never give away a teaser. I make the free plant a
quality gift of real value. This is what is remembered by

This is a copy of my most recent email newsletter. This was an
overwhelming success. We had an estimated 600% weekly sales gain
by using this newsletter add.
January 2006

The Early Bird Gets the Worm—Don’t Delay Free Tree Day Jan.
28th is a Free Higan Weeping Cherry Tree Day

Greetings! January 28, 2006 is free Weeping Higan Cherry Tree
Day…..All members of our email club can receive a free Higan
Weeping Cherry when you bring your pickup to our 5275 West Swamp
Rd. Fountainville Pa. location. These trees are 10-12′ tall and
in 24″ baskets. These trees must be picked up on the 28th,
before 5pm. sorry, no rain checks. There is a limit of one per
family and you must have been a member on or before January 27,
2006 of our email club.


Bill Hirst Free Tree Day Jan. 28th, 2006 is Free Tree Day

5275 W. Swamp Rd. Fountainville, Pennsylvania 18923

January 28, 2006 8:00AM-5:00PM Reasons to Come to this Event We
are selling 150 acres of our nursery and we must liquidate many
trees and plants. Some of of plants are in quantities that would
supply us for many years of sales. But we can’t move that number
of trees. Thus they will be either sold at a discount,
destroyed, or given away. I like the last option. Thus if you
bring your pickup to the farm today, Saturday the 28th, we will
give away 1 free Higan Weeping cherry to each email newsletter
subscriber to Highland Hill Farm that picks up the tree by 5PM.
Sorry you must be have be signed up by Jan. 27th, to qualify.
There are no rain checks. These trees are in 24 and 28 inch
baskets and are app. 10-14′ tall. We will help load them in your

We have a total of 75 trees ready to give away while the supply
lasts. All other trees and plants are 20% off today.

Driving Directions to the Farm Highland Hill Farm 5275 W. Swamp
Rd. Rt. 313 Fountainville, Pennsylvania 18923 [email protected] We will have other free tree
offerings each month. So keep in touch.
Within 15 minutes of this email being sent people started to
arrive to make selections. We would have had no customers on
this day. Yet we sold enough other stock to make this offering
possible. We gave away 52 trees and this was even covered by the
press showing up and giving us exposure in local papers.


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