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Things To Do With Newspaper

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Back in my teaching days we were always looking for ways to make
education entertaining on a low budget. However, the idea that
follows is not just useful for educators but also anybody who is
looking for something to pass a rainy day indoors without having
your children glued to the television.

You will need:

As much newspaper as possible Tape Some picture books /
magazines showing clothing

The first step is to be realistic. Choose a picture of a costume
that will present a challenge but is within the abilities of the
age range carrying out the project. It may be a supermodel’s
latest fantastic showpiece from Milan or a historical outfit: a
Samurai, a Geisha and a Victorian lady’s crinolin were all
examples my students produced. The realm of fantasy has
countless possibilities: Neptune, Medusa, a werewolf or a harpy
are just some suggestions that immediately come to mind.

This works best in groups of three or four, but can be done with
just two people. One will have to be the model, the others the
designers. By rolling, crinkling and folding the paper and
connecting sections together with tape the most fantastic
costumes can begin to take form.

For the more adventurous, other everyday household items can be
used. Sponges or potato printing for painting the costume, or
incorporate other household items like empty yoghurt pots and
bottle tops.

A basic costume can be built in under an hour, a more complex
one can provide hours of entertainment for all involved. If you
want to carry it even further why not hold a fashion show? This
project can be as fun and as involved as you make it!


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