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Days of our lives pictures

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“Days of Our Lives” is a long-running soap opera that has been
extremely popular in America . The words “Like sands through the
hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives…” have become the
well-known and beloved utterance to the fans of this daytime
drama mainstay. It turned 40 on November 8 2005 and it shows no
signs of ending here. Days of our lives pictures

For over one-third of the century it has been glue for most
Americans, who have been tracing down the love stories and life
lines of the “Days of Our Lives” characters and living through
the metamorphoses that have been happening on screen. It has
been the lunch and inspiration for those deeply involved and
immersed in the series.

The soap opera was first launched in 1965 by NBC channel and has
been one of the most successful and most wacheable projects so
far. Several generations have been grown to feed on the
esthetics and values of “Days of Our Lives.” There are three
official web sites dedicated to the series, with Soapcity Site, Site and Days Online among them. However, there are
plenty of unofficial ones, with pictures, photography, episode
summaries, guides, favorites and cast members enumerated,
signifying the national love for the made-up existence of bright

“Days of Our Lives” has become a staple of each and every
household, grandmothers and occasionally grandfathers talking
about it and chatting away, mothers and fathers equally enjoying
the conversation and even children finding something to say and
hear. It is an inexhaustible topic at the family dinner table.
It is turkey, wine, grandfather’s clocks, mother’s warm hands
and Macdonald Carey. Unfortunately, the latter one is no longer
participating as well as Brenda Bennet and Richard Biggs. They
started the list of the deceased members of the crew. They will
be remembered as the ones who breathed the joie-de-vivre into
Dr. Tom Horton, MD, Lee DuMonde and Dr. Marcus Hunter, MD

Since the inception of the show in 1965, not much has changed in
the way the show goes on. It has one of the most symbolic
beginnings in the history of television. It starts with the
depiction of the hourglass that produce the sand trickling down
as the time never stops to linger. Then, a bit later in 1993, a
computerized version of the title was introduced giving a
background of the sun rise and zooming in to show the viewer the
entire hourglass.

The late Macdonald Carey was the one who was responsible for
presenting the legendary epigram “Like sands through the
hourglass, so are the days of our lives”, but after his death in
1994 the last part of it was removed out of respect for the
actor and his family. “Days of Our Lives” seems to provide the
Americans with yet another item of national-wide mass
entertainment along with Santa Barbara and Friends that gives
them a chance to feel united and a feeling of the whole world
sitting in front of TVs in the act of reliving something huge.


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