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Linking Made Easy

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Everyone who manages or builds websites knows how exchanging
links can be time consuming. You must invite people to link to
you and other webmasters, ask you to link to them. Link
exchanging is one of the slower tasks you must do as a webmaster
or your website will float in space with know one ever knowing
that you exist!

I can’t over emphasize the importance of search engine
optimization. The more websites that you link to, the better
your website ranking will be. One important fact is that 90% of
all websites have 10 or less links to them, thus meaning that
10% of all websites get all of the internet’s traffic while the
rest are left in internet space. If you are new to website
optimization then my new found linking strategy will help you
get started without the time consuming emailing webmasters back
and forth. And to us who have been doing website optimization
what a great relief of hours during the week.

I discovered a new company who takes link exchanging to the
next level. LinkMa
Your entire linking process is fully automated
thanks to the people behind LinkMaster. There are currently as
of this article 6,691 subscribers to their linking
service. What does this mean to you as a webmaster? What this
means is that your website will be linked to 6,691 other
websites immediately upon signing up for there service. I have
been with them now for just a couple of months and have seen my
website traffic increase and my page rank increase. If you are
interested in increasing your web presence then I recommend you
give LinkMa
a serious look!

is a unique link exchange service unlike any
other on the Internet. They are the original automated linking
service. Their system works exactly the opposite of most other
link exchange services. Instead of requiring you to submit
individual link exchange requests one-by-one to all of their
members, they instantly add your website link onto all of their
6,691 member’s websites immediately. Then they let you decide
which types of websites that you do not wish to exchange links
with (if any) by using their special filtering system. Their
link exchange directory is maintained by a team of human editors
to ensure that the websites in the network comply with their
standards. This company has got a winner and it is totally
hosted by their servers. Your link pages are either in asp or
php format, which has very easy setup instructions included .


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