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Surprise mom by throwing party for me… (Baby shower party)

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Pregnancy is a delightful turn for every mother’s life. It can
be made even more pleasing by throwing a party in welcome of
the new comer. And if this is a surprise party a blissful
expression is assured on expecting mother’s face. But it should
be given due care that the party is appropriate for her to

This party can be thrown by any member of the family or anyone
who is in close relation with the would-be-mother as the host
will then be able to invite all her friends and take care of all
the essentials for the party. This kind of party is similar to
any other surprise party. But some things must be well taken
care of for making it a success. These include:

1. Make it totally secret. No guest should reveal this
directly or indirectly. Like take care that the parking of the
cars be done away from the house (in case it is organized at
home itself) and then no panic should be there in front of her
(in case host is a family members.

2. Make sure the would-be-mother is available on that
day. To guarantee that availability, the host can schedule
something like dinner with the new mother on that day.

3. Make sure that guests receive the invitations in time.

4. Have the new mother fill out a baby registry at a
local baby store or online. This will make it easier for the
guests to select the proper gifts.

5. Baby shower decorations must be appealing to the
expecting mother.

And finally have fun celebrating this joyous event.


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