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Froogle feeds for shopping sites – Step by step process

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Froogle is an extension of Google dedicated to helping shoppers
quickly find products for sale on the web. This article helps
you to create Froogle setup in easy steps.

Google created a shopping search tool called “Froogle”. It has
been called one of the most innovative price conscious tools on
the Internet. Using the same technologies of, Froogle
employs direct data received from merchants and through web
crawls alone. Depending on the successes of the beta testing
phase will provide adequate information as to whether Google
continues with Froogle.

Froogle is different from most other price engines in that it
neither charges any fees for listings, nor accepts payment for
products to show up first. Also, it makes no commission on
sales. Any company can submit product information (via a “data
feed”) and be included in the Froogle engine. Froogle uses
Google’s technology to search specific product information so
your products can easily be located. Froogle Advantages: *
Froogle is on the Google home page Millions of shoppers go to
Google each day and many are actively looking for the products
that you are selling. * You can list your products on Froogle
for FREE Unlike other shopping sites, Froogle costs nothing.
There is not spending account to set up. No cost-per-click. No
cost period. * You control your product info on Froogle
Froogle’s data feed lets you maintain the accuracy and freshness
of your product information. This ensures that your product
information is also current. Client site requirements for SEM

1. Site URL 2. Should be listed products on clients’ site with
its price, item no. & online shopping availability/accept

Create Froogle Feeds in easy steps: Earlier to open Froogle
account, create products’ details in following format. First,
create a list in excel file than save as in .txt.

Froogle Feed Table (Can be used MS Word or MS Excel):

product_url name description imgage_url category price

Details of Froogle Feed Table:

product_url: The complete url (starting with http) of the
products website page. For example,

name: The product name or title, for books, music and videos. Up
to 80 characters will be displayed. description: The description
of the product. (About 256 characters long)

imgage_url: The complete url of the product image. The full URL
of the product image. Be sure that all images are larger than
90×90 pixels. For example,

category: If products are divided in to categories on the
website. Use site’s category structure. For example, Games >
Trading Card Games

price: The price of this product.

Create Froogle Merchant Account:

(1) Open the Click “Information
for merchants” at the bottom of the page.

(2) Signing into to the Froogle merchant account Create or use
an existing Google (gmail) Account to enter the Froogle Merchant

(3) Create FTP account 1. Log in to the Froogle Merchant Center.
2. Enter the preferred login and password. Click “Create FTP
Account” to create FTP account.

After successfully creating a FTP account, view the FTP details
like Server, Login name Server: Login
name: mystoreitems (Example)

(4) Specify feed’s settings Click on “product feed”, fill up
the form & click on “Register new feed”.

(5) Upload feeds Once specified the FTP and feed settings,
upload the feeds as followed, 1. Open a browser window. 2. Type into the address bar and click Enter. 3.
It will be prompted to enter FTP username and password (which
you set in the ‘View FTP info’ section of the Merchant Center).
Enter this information and select Log On. 4. Open the folder
that contains the tab-delimited (.txt) file that created. Drag
and drop this file from folder onto the FTP browser window.

(6) Check feeds for errors 1. If an errors identify different
errors. 2. Once feed has been processed, it will be viewable in
Froogle Merchant Center account. That will need to check it to
ensure that all of listings have been processed into system

(7) Final content review Google’s specialists will review your
feed to ensure the quality of listings.


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