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Promote Your Law Practice Online

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Offering legal services via the Internet offers Lawyers endless
possibilities. While we focus our attention on New Jersey based
lawyers, the same is true no matter where your practice is

The interesting fact however is that out of the 20,000 plus
practicing attorneys in New Jersey only just over 600 of them
have a web presence. Could it be that this many (otherwise
intelligent) attorneys are missing the boat?

Even if you are an attorney within a larger firm there are still
plenty of opportunities to take advantage of web-based marketing
for the legal profession. Offering your services on the Internet
is not about how well developed your programming or web-design
skills are.

It’s about how you present and provide your services to your

It’s about your message.

It’s about how you “Educate” your prospective client.

The potential is endless. You can provide your services to
clients nationally, state wide or exclusively to residents of a
particular county by “targeting” your client base. It doesn’t
matter which practice area you specialize in, you will
experience tremendous benefits with a web presence.

Every lawyer has a unique view on his or her area of practice.
And, odds are you are already promoting that view to your
clients and deriving your income based on those principles. But
have you ever thought about “educating” your clients about your
views and generating even more clients by utilizing the powerful
reach of the Internet?

In fact, promoting your law practice online, using
Education-Based-Marketing is, arguably the most overlooked yet
fertile opportunity on the Internet. Even though it requires
minimal effort and costs very little to create a legal marketing
website, most lawyers fail to do so.And what about the few
lawyers who do attempt to take advantage of this medium?

Well, the effort leaves much to be desired. Either they put up a
“me too” website that is little more than a billboard in the
desert (that no one ever sees) OR they hire a so called
“webmaster” who’s legal marketing skills are non existent. The
sad fact is, neither of these approaches is either effective or

In order to attract clients to your practice, (without word of
mouth referrals) you must successfully educate and convince that
client that you are:

1) Known to be the best lawyer in your particular area of

2) Known to over deliver on your service.

3) Known to be competitively priced. (no matter how high your

4) Known to provide the exact legal solution that he or she is

Bottom line? You gotta get KNOWN!

In order to succeed at attracting and retaining clients online,
you need to establish a relationship with them. Designing a
content-rich, “education based” website and newsletter that
builds trust and is credible, is the only way to develop and
solidify your relationship. Only after you establish a
relationship will your prospective clients begin to respond.

Most lawyers assume that because the Web is a global medium,
it’s not a relevant advertising option for a locally based law
practice. Nothing could be further from the truth. After all, if
your practice is based here in New Jersey, it’s unlikely anyone
outside of a one-hour driving radius is going to hire you for
legal services. Right? Wrong!

That’s “stinkin thinkin” Why?… Because a web presence gives
your law practice a distinct advantage over your local legal
competitors. Particularly when you are trying to grow your
current client base. The fact is today more and more prospective
clients are relying on the Internet as their primary source of
information about purchasing products and services, including
your “legal services”.

So now your Web presence allows your potential client to get to
know you and your service better than a “also ran” Yellow Page
ad ever could. You have the opportunity to give your client a
confident and secure feeling about making the decision of which
lawyer to hire.

Your Education Based legal website has given S/he a more
open-to-hire frame of mind. Since we already know that MOST of
your competitors (only 600 out of 20,000 in NJ) don’t offer this
option, you have a serious edge on getting that follow-up
contact about your legal services. After all, who do you think
prospective clients are going to retain — a friend or a

Add to that, the benefit of links and referrals, pointing to
your site, from some highly trafficked legal websites like this
one and you have the formula for a successful legal website.

But there are a million options when it comes to creating the
right website. Where do you turn? Let’s cut through all the
noise and hype surrounding legal website design and marketing of
legal services on the web.

Do It Yourself. That’s right. DIY No body knows more about you
and your legal services than you do. You are the expert on you.
Think you can’t do this by yourself? Think again. Here is the
solution to creating the perfect legal website designed to
attract your “perfect clients”. Clients that you have
systematically educated, informed and built a solid trusting
relationship with even before you ever talked to them.

This is for those lawyers with a vision. It’s The Most
Overlooked Opportunity on the Net. Start building an
ever-growing client base until you can say “I’m sorry I’m not
taking new clients at this time”

An SBI (built by you) Education-Based-Legal Marketing Site is
perfect because every law practice revolves around a theme.


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