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Email Marketing Lesson: RSS Feed Marketing Is Coming To A Browser Near You

  • Posted August 20, 2006
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Everywhere you look these days people are talking about RSS Feeds. Now the stakes are even higher because traditional ‘Email Marketing’ messages via RSS Feeds are coming to a customizable webpage or browser near you.

I think the idea is pretty nifty however I am wondering how long it will take to be mainstream.

Should marketers take notice? Yes, marketing messages through RSS Feeds should be something you should at least look at.

Should you start doing it? Probably not.


Why not start with asking your Email List Management provider if they have the capability or are thinking about it. If you operate all of this from in-house you will probably have to get a software upgrade or use another package.

Start taking notice of how many e-newsletters you signup for or Email Marketing messages you are getting that give you the option of getting the messages via RSS Feeds.

Make a note to start thinking about sending marketing messages via RSS Feeds. You won’t be doing it tomorrow, you won’t be doing it next week but sometime in the next few years when your boss says:

“Harry, my kid says he gets messages from his favorite online music store via RSS Feeds, why can’t we do that?”

You can smile and say,

“We’ve started doing that six months ago.”

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