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IPod Video Casting

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Can you believe the ultra small new thin Apple iPods? These are very cool personal technology gadgets indeed. Now these tiny thin devices have complete Video Capabilities. Steve Jobs the CEO of Apple announced the creation of a newest additions and improvements to the iPod with a 2.5-inch full color flattest panel display and video-playback capabilities. Are you impressed? Well, you are not alone as the official iPod website has gotten 30 million hits and almost tied the one day hits with Hurricane Katrina.

Ah, but it gets even better as the iPod hosts a 320 X 240 pixel resolution and has bettered all personal tech devices its size. Now even the US Military is hot for iPod video-casting for the troops, yet this off the shelf technology will cost only $299 for a 30 GB or $399 for 60 GB version and well we know that the Military cannot even buy a hammer or toilet seat for that?

Well do you want one yet? I bet you do, but more importantly investors in Apple Stock are betting on it, along with the company. They are talking about selling songs for $ .99 and movies, full length for $1.99 download. One thing for certain is that “Vidcasting” is the next new thing. Think on this

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  • Posted On August 22, 2006
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