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RSS Conversations

  • Posted August 28, 2006
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We know that basically marketing involves ‘conversations’. Is it possible using RSS? Will it be as good as talking to a person across the table or at least over a phone? The answer is going to be ‘yes’. RSS can be used as an excellent tool to power marketing conversations. With the contents created by you on the fly in your corner of the world, it is quicker than talking in person with someone staying at the other side of the globe!

Let us see how this can be achieved in the following simple steps:

- Create a new content item on your website usually a blog

- Distribute the contents via RSS to end-users as well as other websites

- Now the contents reach multiple points, which in turn act as starting points of content delivery to many more eyeballs (the ultimate goal is achieved – getting numerous hits to your site!)

- The dialogue (the contents) takes a life of its own and further spreads through multiple online media, completely losing all structure.

Whenever a new website displays content items of your company it serves as the starting point for a dialog. On one side, people keep posting their comments on the actual website which weaves around the started dialogue and pour in different views of the users from different parts of the world. Simultaneously, on the other side, the dialog is further spread through other RSS end-users who are subscribed to the RSS feeds published by new dialog starting points which again spread your content or content on it on their own websites.

We also have something called the ‘automatic dialog facilitation’, which is also another feature of RSS directories and aggregators. When your RSS content is automatically syndicated by RSS directories and content aggregators, it spreads your idea still further making it available to even more users.

When our aim is to achieve multiple conversations and receive feedback for your idea spread via RSS, making use of “dialog facilitation” does it best. Though just by getting your content syndicated to as many websites as possible, more traffic is achieved the incredible power of RSS is felt only through dialog facilitation.

Dialog Facilitators are always alert of any news, opinions and other content about the dialogue, which have started spreading through your RSS feeds. Once the conversations have started it watches the Internet-space and keep track of the content and also respond to all conversations, trying to facilitate them further. They respond either in the form of blog comments or blog postings in their own blogs. The response can also be in the form of writing articles and other content (such as audio interviews). Then it is also distributed throughout the Internet.

Not only do they play an active role in spreading the conversations, but also in initiating conversations reflecting the existing pulse in the market. They input contents or articles depending on the trend available, thus trying to upgrade conversations and prolong them.

They can also carry on conversations with other bloggers and invite more and more visitors to enter into the conversation.

All the best for your online success

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Darryl Power owner of A to Z about RSS

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