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One way to stop SPAM is to have two email addresses; your regular one and one you use while online when typing in forms. You real one you never give out expect to friends and close business associates. The other one should be a free-mail plus type account from MSN, which filters out all the junk SPAM.

It would have been nice if the government would have gotten on the ball after passing the CAN SPAM Act and actually got rid of some of these spammers, but the government is mostly all show and no go and they rarely do anything very well. Mostly they are good a fluff and fold public relations tactics, but getting rid of SPAM is a job for free enterprise and when the government tried they failed miserably, it was quite disgusting and a half ass attempt at best.

Oh sure the FTC Federal Trade Commission rounded up all the experts in the free market and sat them all down at a table to discuss and they served those jelly filled pastries and all that crap, but in essence they spent some 6-months on deciding what SPAM was and another six months in the committee trying to get their heads out of their rears and come up with a decent mission statement. One which would make them look good for their Media Press Releases and Public Relations Debut, but in the end it was all talk and we are still getting SPAM. Face it, the FTC is about a impotent to fix the SPAM issues as they are with getting rid of the Viagra ads. Think on it.

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  • Posted On August 28, 2006
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