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Best Free Pop Up Blockers Online

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Most anyone who spends any time on line can tell you that pop up ads are nothing if not annoying. Stopping them is a good way to speed up your surfing and put in a plug in one more way for viruses and spyware to invade your system. Luckily there are a number of free pop up blockers on the internet that will help you do just that. As for which are the best, there are five that come to mind initially: Google, STOPzilla, Window Shades, Firefox and PopOops all offer fantastic free pop up blockers for you to use.

The Google Toolbar with Free pop blocker will block the majority of pop ups. In addition to the pop up blocker, you will automatically get a number of other features as it is a tool bar download. You will have features such as being able to search Google from your task bar, which can be handy, but the pop up blocker is the real value in this free download. The drawback that puts some people off, though, is that there is a page rank feature. This feature reports back to Google what sites you have visited.

Another free pop up blocker you may want to consider is the STOPzilla pop up blocker. This particular blocker is produced by a software company called Roxio. The STOPzilla blocker not only stops pop up ads as you browse, but it also includes protection from adware, spyware, cookies, and even hi-jackers. For a small fee, you can also get one year of service with the pop up blocker.

If you really only want your free pop up blocker to do one thing, block pop ups, then consider the Window Shades Popup Blocker. This free blocker is very effective in the blocking of those annoying pop ups. As an ad on to Internet Explorer, it does not have to be turned on separately. It only runs when explorer does, so you don’t have to worry about memory being burned up when you aren’t even on line.

If you don’t mind moving away from Internet Explorer, you may want to think about using Firefox Browser with Pop Up Blocker. This freeware web browser is something you would need to use instead of your Internet Explorer. In addition to the effective pop up blocking, you also get a fun little tabbed browsing feature.

Lastly, there is PopOops pop up blocker. A free pop up blocker, PopOops is a relatively small program that is good at what it does, which is simply to block those annoying pop ups. It runs in the system tray instead of in your browser and can be programmed so that you hear a sound or so that a balloon pops up when a pop up is blocked form your computer.

Pop ups are annoying and sometimes dangerous, but who wants to spend a ton of money on Popup Blockers to avoid them? Nobody does, which is why you should consider finding the free pop blocker that is right for you. It only takes a minute to locate the right one and get it downloaded onto your PC of laptop, and it is worth it to avoid the annoyance that is pop ups. So take the time to fix the pop ups, you will certainly be glad you did.

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