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Anger: A Sign of Empowerment Or Victimhood?

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Who hasn’t become angry at one time or another? I’m sure you’ll agree that for what ever reason, you found a reason to justify the need for your anger the last time you found yourself in that state.

So the question I have for you is: How do you justify your anger?

That is, how do you justify the fact that you allow yourself to feel, entertain and/or act out feelings of anger ever?

You’ve probably never asked yourself this question. The reason I say this is because had you ever done so you would begin to uncover a deep falsehood about the negative emotion we call anger. Let me explain.

A common trigger for anger is, say, a slight, coming from someone else that makes you perhaps feel hurt and like a victim.
Another example is more innocuous like something just doesn’t happen to go your way on a particular day. In other words, the universe is not looking out for you.

In any case, whatever the trigger I think you’ll agree that the actual experience of the anger is the same. For a moment re-familiarize yourself with that experience, that is allow yourself to feel angry and notice what it does to:

1. Your sense of inner peace and composure,

2. Your energy level once the anger has subsided,

3. To you concentration,

4. To your feeling of being in control of yourself,

5. To how it makes you feel about yourself, as a human being,

6. To your self esteem, your self worth, your self respect, the level of guilt you feel inside,

If you reflect on the sum total of these observations I think you’ll find that the anger is a “toxic” state because in summary what it does to you is that it robs you of your vital life energy, your self esteem among other things. Another way of saying this is that it is killing you.

Does that make you feel more or less empowered?

Does it make you feel more or less like a victim?

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