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Using Video Business Cards to Build your Personal and Business Brand

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Too many small business websites are impersonal and often times downright boring. What seems to be forgotten on these business websites is that people do business with people. So why don’t we ever talk about the people they’ll be doing business with?

You can easily set yourself apart from your competition by simply talking about yourself and your staff on your website. Who are these people? What do they bring that’s interesting and unique to your organization? What in their background and experience makes them more qualified than anyone else to help your customers?

All of this can be taken one step further by incorporating “Video Business Cards” into your website. A video business card is a short streaming video of someone presenting themselves. For a small business owner it might simply be their elevator speech, or 30 second introduction: “Hi, my name is Bob. I work with XYZ Company and we work with ABC companies who need help with their such and such.”

Imagine how much more real you would become to your website visitors and prospects if they could see YOU introducing yourself on your website? You could even include your video business card in your e-mail introductions to the prospects you’ve not had a chance to meet yet.

People do business with people they know, like and trust. A video business card gives people who you’ve not yet met an opportunity to get to know you and like you before you talk to them!

Scott Ingram - EzineArticles Expert Author

Scott Ingram is the founder of, a networking resource for networkers in Austin, Texas who use networking as a business development and marketing strategy. They recently taped Video Business Cards as a member benefit for their premium members. You can learn more about Scott by watching his video or reading his Networking Blog.


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