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All FTC Employees Who Worked On SPAM Should Be Fired

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The Federal Trade Commission has failed to curb SPAM in the last two-years since the CAN-SPAM Act was introduced. There is slightly less SPAM then before but this is hardly due to any efforts by the FTC. More so we can thanks folks like Bill Gates and Microsoft than anyone else for aggressively going after the SPAMMERS. When the George W. Bush, President of the United States of America signed into law the CAN-SPAM Act, he assigned authority to the FTC to go after illegal SPAM.

The Federal Trade Commission put its best people on the problem and what did they do? They held meetings and spent months and months defining what SPAM is. They spent time holding meetings around the country inviting Lawyers and start-up companies to figure out what should be done. We all know what happened? They finally came up with a definition and then filed 60 cases which is not even .1 % of the number of high profile SPAMMERS. We now find out that they embellished their complaints in court and attacked companies, which really were not the part of the larger problem. Why? Because they needed to make it look like they were doing something.

Today we have more SPAM now coming from overseas, which the CAN-SPAM cannot control. So what has the Federal Trade Commission been doing for two-years with regards to SPAM? Not a darn thing, but waste our taxpayers money and do a Public Relations Road Show to make them look good, but why bother? Well, next years budget will appropriations are coming. I recommend we cut the FTC budget by 50% this coming year and another 50% the following year of what is left. Why? Because they are a waste of panty space and blowing our taxpayer’s money on public relations and specially placed stories in the media to make themselves look good.

Let’s fire every Federal Trade Commission employee who worked on the SPAM issue in the last three years and if they are lawyers revoke their licenses. All should be let go without extended benefits or pensions. It is borderline treason the their assertion that they have taken a bite out of SPAM, all they have done is proven they cannot do anything very well and emboldened the SPAMMERS. Those who are the biggest in the SPAM area know the FTC is incompetent and hide under cover of darkness and laugh at all the media stories about how the FTC is attacking SPAM? Let’s face it the FTC have failed and they need to get the axe. No more wasted taxpayer’s money should be allotted for this agency. Think on it.

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  • Posted On September 21, 2006
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