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Well Yippie Skippy for the FTC?

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The Federal Trade Commissions Consumer Protection Division now says that SPAM only accounts for 67% of the email you get instead of 70% to 80% and they are attempting to call this a victory? Although no one can confirm this as it is from a media source which accepted the Federal Trade Commission’s Public Relations “PR” piece, it seems that this is nothing to toot one’s horn over? The FTC says much of the reason for this is because SPAM filters in the private sector had gotten better? Yet I ask the question what does this have to do with the FTC’s work in the SPAM issue, as today we have to worry about; the famous Santa Virus Worm? Merry Christmas FTC, thanks for nothing.

The FTC citing a research data set from MXLogic said that SPAM was down over 9%; and again I say; “Well whoppie do? Yippie Skippy for the FTC hippie Team!” What a frigging joke? 9% is squat, you see since the FTC got onto the case they spent 6 months figuring out a definition for what SPAM was and it went up approximately 3000% judging from my email box. Is this our Federal Trade Commission at work? In their report to Congress I believe they not only misrepresented truth to further next year’s budget and make it look like they were doing something useful. I believe they should be disgorged from their ill-gotten gains of next year’s budget for deceiving the American People and the Consumer they claim they are protecting in the FTC’s consumer protection division, what a façade, a farce and complete hypocrisy? Give me a break! Think on that will you!

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  • Posted On September 23, 2006
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