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Department of Justice Humbled by FTC Farce on SPAM Decline

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The DOJ or Department of Justice is completely humbled by the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Protection Divisions Anti-SPAM Group’s dismal, degrading and disgusting demise as the worked to destroy SPAM. The CAN SPAM Act was mishandled by the Federal Trade Commission and by the FTC’s own admission has not dropped more than nine percent after climbing by some 3000% since 2000. In fact the largest growth spurt in World Wide SPAM has increased by some say 500% since the FTC jumped on the case.

Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Protection Divisions Anti-SPAM Group’s recent report to the United State’s Congress on their Anti-SPAM, CAN SPAM Act enforcement was more apologetic than reality based and in my opinion such a horrific, haphazard and horrible response has done nothing more than embolden SPAMMERS across the Globe. There is nothing worse than an agency, which fails so miserably. Certainly the Department of Justice must be quite humbled indeed by FTC farce on SPAM decline, as the Federal Trade Commission is under their watch? Should heads role at the FTC since misrepresentation, fraud and deception in public relations, advertising and press releases are something that the FTC’s consumer division is to enforce on the business community? Yet now the FTC misrepresents its abilities and performance to the American People.

We need prison terms for those who work in the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Protection Divisions Anti-SPAM Group. And we also need to investigate every case the FTC’s consumer division has worked on in the last 7 years to insure they had not over inflated, misrepresented and abused power. We should be mad as hell and not take this anymore, these are my opinions. Think on it.

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  • Posted On September 23, 2006
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