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FTC Fails Miserably to Curb SPAM

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Every so often a Government Agency is so blatant in its shear and utter incompetence and waste of taxpayer’s money that it wins a prize. The Federal Trade Commission always seems to be at the top of my list. Perhaps you have considered such a list in your mind as well. Some agencies go around analyzing everything to death and in the end come up with what any ordinary observer of the situation could have told you years the prior. Often such agencies embellish the problematic issues concerning things merely as a shield of excuses to hide their dismal performances. Indeed the recent 116-page from the Federal Trade Commission was one of those times.

It is appalling to think that we the taxpayer should have to put up with such utter non-sense as they tell the US Congress that Spammers try to conceal their identity or that databases of who owns which websites are often in error? Dah, all databases contain errors, have you checked your credit report lately? Has the FTC gone thru its own employee files lately or did they even do back ground checks on these incompetent scoundrels who have the audacity to use such excuses for their utter Failure-To-Congress (F-T-C). The FTC also has excuses that the Spammers use offshore servers and ISPs to send SPAM, making it tough for them to catch people. No Way Watson; Dah!

So is that the best the Department of Justice can do, assign the War in SPAM to the FTC, let them fail and then accept their report to Congress as some how acceptable? It is simply ludicrous to consider the continuation of the employment of those working in the Consumer Protection Division. Let’s do the citizens of this and the taxpayer’s a favor, let’s stop the lies and misrepresentations and cut out some of these government agencies who defraud us from “Truth, Justice and the American Way!”

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  • Posted On September 24, 2006
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