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Throw the FTC Employees in Prison

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Well so much for the public humiliation of the CAN SPAM Act. Sure it was a great idea and concept, make a law and get rid of all that insane junk mail in your email in box. It makes a lot of sense. Only one problem; we trusted the Federal Trade Commission to enforce it. Why was that such a mistake? Well, I would be glad to enlighten you.

You see, the FTC once it was assigned to enforce the junk mail spend 6-8 months holding committee meetings so they could come up with a proper definition of what SPAM is? Then they filed a couple dozen cases, which represented at the time less than one percent of the SPAM. Leaving 99% still out there. But we did not hear about that. What we were told as the FTC, as they sent press releases to some 8800 news outlets was that they were aggressively pursuing Spammers and bringing them to justice?

Indeed the FTC’s Consumer Protection Agency, whose seeks out businesses and files lawsuits of fraud for misrepresentation or misleading advertising had misled the American People on the War in Spam. What total hypocrisy from the Federal Trade Commission as they went off and were so busy tooting their own horn that the lied to the American People, as their true performance was nothing more than piss poor since 2004. I suppose from the FTC we should expect more of this in 2006.

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  • Posted On September 26, 2006
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