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2 methods of creating your very own photography website

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In order to succeed, you must be able to present a strong portfolio to present your work to a potential customer. It can help to create your own brand, convey personality, and showcase the best of your photography.

Where to start
Generally speaking, you have 2 available options available for creating of your portfolio:

Do it yourself (DIY) or Hire a designer
Each option has its own pros and cons of course, so don’t rush ahead about deciding on which route to tackle.

DIY method
Back in the days putting up your own portfolio website was very costly. However, with so many free apps available for creating of your own website today, the task is no longer unachievable. For example, such app as Joomla is designed specifically to help even the most inexperienced users to create a website full of custom content of their preference without breaking of too much sweat. 
It is advisable to take some time in reading of online manuals about creating of websites. And if you will be using Joomla app, you will be able to get a lot of help from its official community of users. All you got to do is to visit one of their forums and you will be able to get your questions answered concerning any rough spots you have encountered in the process.
Another great advantage of DIY approach is how quickly it can be done. With the help of Joomla creating your own website and to have it up and running will take you about a day or less, rather than the couple of weeks it could take for a pro designer to have it ready for you. And with the addition of really easy to use Joomla gallery extension, adding your photos to Joomla photo gallery is so easy and fast.

Hiring a pro
Of course there is always an option to hire a freelancer designer or design agency to create the unique style of website for you. This approach could cost you anywhere between a few hundred dollars and up to few thousand dollars, depending on the complexity of the website you are shooting for.

Great advantage of this method is that all the hard tasks are done by designers, who will (they are designers, aren’t they?) create a very unique website to your liking which is easy to update with new information and fresh photos.

There isn’t really a wrong approach, all depends on your preference, and you budget of course. But if you really want to “get down and dirty” then DIY method is perfect. After you finish your website and fill you Joomla photo gallery with your best photos, it will make you really proud of what you have done and achieved. And the best of all, you will save tons of money.

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