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Ironman Training-Should You Stretch?

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Stretching Is one of those grey areas that nobody seems to really understand. Sometimes I watch people stretching just before a race and you can just tell they are going through the motions–unsure exactly what it is they’re doing.

I tried the stretching thing for a year or so and came to the conclusion that for me it was a waste of time. Actually more to the point,it did more harm than good. I injured myself twice while stretching and ended up missing training time.

There’s really enough preparation work for an Ironman hopeful to do and I think you can forego the stretching routine. I think stretching might be a good thing if it were done every day, but ultimately that just doesn’t happen. I watch young kids in swim clubs who stretch every day for quite a long time and that makes sense. Their bodies are used to it and it is part of their everyday routine.

It makes more sense to me to swim, bike or run slowly at the beginning of a training session for at least 10-15 minutes and let your muscles stretch out naturally by doing exacly what they will be doing in a few minutes at a faster pace.

That is my advice to you. If you stretch now and have a regular program and it works for you, then you should stick with it. Otherwise I wouldn’t even start.

My name is Ray and I have an extensive 20 plus year background in marathons and triathlons. The best thing that ever happened to me was the Ironman.

I have built a website with the intention of providing training and racing tips to aspiring Ironman triathletes. Its my way of giving something back to the sport.

The name of my site is “Ironstruck”

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