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10 Trade Show Thanks for the New Year

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To start out the New Year, we gave thanks for the people we
love, the things we enjoy and made the obligatory
resolutions for the New Year.

Now, let’s get practical and give thanks to the people who
make our industry function, make us look good and help us
make money.

1. We thank the Show Sponsor who has the marketing
vision and takes the financial risk to put on the event.
Without both the will and the way, there would be fewer
successful shows.

2. We thank the Show Organizer who, with the Sponsor’s
vision and financial support, puts all the pieces together,
draws the contracts, supervises the nitty-gritty and gets us
all through the door for the show and out again.

3. We thank the Exhibitors who invest time, money and
manpower to present their products to the world in this
unique environment. It’s how we find out who’s who, what’s
what and become attuned to what’s going to happen in our

4. We thank the Attendees who also invest time, money and
manpower to attend the trade show and who look, listen
and learn about our firms. With the golden hope that
Attendees beget Leads beget Clients, we give them much

5. We thank our Exhibit Managers who make it all go so
smoothly. These detail wranglers handle minutia with a
smile and professionalism unfathomable by most
marketing types.

6. We thank the Exhibit Designers who take our many “..but I
think…” and “I wanna…” and turn them into dynamic,
attention-grabbing and profitable conveyors of the right
image at the right time.

7. We thank the Unions – yes, we do – for their dedication to
their crafts, their ability to take boxes and cases and crates,
and make them the magic we need for the show – and then
pack it all up again.

8. We thank the Freight Folks, from the local courier to the
big guys in trucks, trains and planes. We appreciate their
understanding of “time critical” and “fragile”, and we
especially thank them for customer service courtesy and
online tracking. Bah Humbug to those who haven’t gotten
the message yet.

9. We thank the Creatives, those promotion folks who run
the gambit from defining the marketing experience for each
show, selecting goodies to hand out, and pulling it all
together so we’re successful on both sides of the aisle.

10. And, last but not least, we thank the Exhibit Staff. There’s
no job description that says “stand in the booth and hand
out brochures”, so staff is drawn from many disciplines
throughout the company. Trade shows are hard work. They
make you physically tired because of travel, long hours and
a compact agenda. They drain you emotionally because you
get more rejections than acceptances. And, they compound
the amount of work you have to do because there’s still your
“real” job back at the office which you’re still at the show.

Make this your New Year’s Resolution – a salute and a
Thank You to all who make your trade shows successful.

Julia O\'Connor - EzineArticles Expert Author


Julia O’Connor – Speaker, Author, Consultant – writes
about practical aspects of trade shows. As president of
Trade Show Training, inc, now celebrating its 10th
year, she works with companies in a variety of
industries to improve their bottom line and marketing
opportunities at trade shows.

Julia is an expert in the psychology of the trade show
environment and uses this expertise in sales training
and management seminars. Contact her at
804-355-7800 or check the site =>


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