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Sell Your Idea and Make a Million!

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A new idea always catches the eye of everybody.

Now, everybody knows Alex Tew, the young British student who made a million dollars with his website milliondollarhomepage in a span of 4 months with his pixel ad website. It was the idea and combination of aggressive marketing that made him so popular through out the world. The site has completely sold its pixels and there is no space to advertise in this website.

Now with one website of Alex Tew making a million dollars there have been thousands of entrepreneurs bucking with the pixel ad website idea. Thousands of pixel ad websites have sprung up and the competition in this space have gone up tremendously. The pixels, which were being sold for $1, are now being sold for as low as 1 cent. The latest and cheapest pixel ad website in the World Wide Web is which charges 1 cent per pixel. Pixel advertising is not even 2 years old, it was first advertised in ebay nearly 2 years ago.

If you have an idea then stick to it and with proper marketing and effort you can make millions. This is what we should learn from the story of Alex Tew.

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  • Posted On October 8, 2006
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