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Anger Management – Do You Still Count To Ten?

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Anger can manifest itself in many ways. Most people know anger because it manifests inself as physical abuse. Striking another in anger is never best. Now that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a time or place for correction . However discipline and anger are never partners in correct parenting.

First of all correction is the deliberate act of recognizing error or mistake and endeavoring to help change the behavior with the wisdom and knowledge that you have but in your opinion the transgressor lacks. In other words a deliberate decision to help, through knowledge and wisdom. Notice the lack of emotion. Emotion is a result of feelings. You have a feeling and your body reacts instinctively with an emotion. No thought is generally required.

Now if you can funnel your emotion into its proper channels then you can begin to study the act and the appropriate action, not reaction. We too often these days react to everything we experience with our five senses. Too much like animals and not enough like intelligent human beings. As humans we need to continue to evolve into more intelligent sensitive beings who care for our fellow man while still cling to our heritage of God and family and country.

Alan Speaker Jr. is a humorist who sometimes takes a view of life that seems askew or askance.


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  • Posted On October 10, 2006
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