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Families: Psychic Effects Of Your Anger On Others

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When you get angry at a family member it may not feel very good for you to be in that state. I think you recognize, although some may not, that anger creates a great deal of emotional and physical stress on you.

Interestingly some individuals “think” that anger is somehow empowering and use it as a way to take charge of others and/or their environment. If this is you then I kindly ask you to look at how you feel during and after that angry state.

You will most definitely feel some or all of the following: guilt, tired, drained of your energy, foolish, out of control, weak, inadequate, like a victim and so on.

What impact if any does the angry state have on others around you? Well if they are in your presence your anger will be felt as emotionally abusive and hence will be traumatic to others. That makes you an abuser. You probably already knew this.

The story however goes much farther. In an article entitled “Some Evidence Of How We Are Spiritually Connected” I reported on a case study in which a new process called the Mind Resonance Process(TM) (MRP) was used to help heal two related individuals of a traumatic memory they had both experienced.

What was interesting, indeed, fascinating, about this study was that the second individual was healed “at a distance” and did not even know that the healing was going on. For more on this please read the article.

The important point that I wish to stress here is that individuals affect each other emotionally and physically at a distance by thoughts, feelings and memories that they carry about each other.

So if, for instance you are feeling angry towards someone, even if they are not physically present with you, they will be affected negatively by your anger. Not only that but the anger will be “processed” at an unconscious level by the other individual as a traumatic event.

What’s more, because you and they are “spiritually connected” in this way, as they are affected the effect will also “bounce back” to you. That is the negative effects of the anger that you “projected” onto them will bounce back at you just like light bounces off of a mirror.

In this light you will be doubly affected by your anger. In other words you will also be abusing yourself!

So is this all worth it? Well I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Having said that I also wish to point out that the opposite effect also takes place. If you send love to another person, you will be doubly (actually more than doubly) rewarded.

Try this out for yourself if you wish.

If you wish to know more about MRP kindly visit the web link below, it may change your life forever.

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