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Simplistic Approaches to Academic Studies

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Humankind is struggling to attain one’s aspiration whether that aspiration is abstract or concrete. Education, amongst other initiatives, is probably the most effective path toward attaining one’s aspiration. Due to its indispensability, everyday we see different approaches, methodologies, techniques, experience and opinions have been syndicated to facilitate those education-starving persons or those thinking the steps toward it;

This subject is really hard! The book written by this author is too complicated! This history text is too difficult to understand and to remember! Are the jargons that we have heard during the socialization of the students; of course, it is good because at least they do care about their education: “a constitution toward achievement.” Learning techniques discovered by psychologist and other like academic professionals, followed by publication of the university, to me, is sometimes too modern for the freshmen;

James Stephens states:
I would think until I found
Something I can never find;
Something lying on the ground;
In the bottom of my mind.

Applying simplistic approaches thought out from James Stephens’ philosophy, by the author of this article would be put into consideration;

I. Humankind is the Base for Everything

Always bear in mind that everything is initiated by humankind. The complication that we have found on the readerships as well as the real-life circumstances is just evolved from always-on-the-mover process of humankind. Using our innate capacity: thinking power, and as we use this power deeper and deeper, we will definitely get to the point of where today’s world has reached. Is it really hard to accomplish this drudgery?

Philosophy, the one that we recognize as have the very thorough and always-evolving knowledge, uses the power of learning from everything encountered everyday and to even the deeper point; take everything philosophically, are the step to make everything not really hard for them. Please retain this wisdom of Aristotle “philosopher starts with wonder(s).” The more wonders you have the easiness you will hold, but first solve the wonder by your self;

II. Who Made and Are Making and Will Make Those Difficulties?

No one and nothing that the humankind who makes those difficulties. The ones who produced, are and will be producing difficulties are just tabulated in the human species like us: they can produce those difficulties; we must be able to learn and to solve those difficulties.

We are all equally capable to learn and to produce new thing (innovativeness and creativity.) Different reasons may be applied to why they produce those difficulties; such as the matters of times and situation, the family background, sex, culture and other humanitarian factors. Yes, I believe that they produce us difficulties from tireless endeavor, but on the same track, we can learn and solve those difficulties by our tireless endeavor.

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LAY VICHEKA, final year student of law, translator for Pyramid Translation Co., Ltd., freelance writer for Search Newspaper, expert author and author for different websites around the world, is tirelessly contributing to the field of humanity. With extensive experience in law and politics, he is now categorized as “approaching the spiritual tuition in the very young age.” He has pledged to help Cambodia and Cambodians. He is now thinking about the plan to offer free service: “Editing CV and cover letters” for the Cambodian people who are urging for jobs and not really know the effective methods. LAY VICHEKA can be contacted: 855 11 268 445 or email: [email protected] His photo can be downloaded from


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