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Anger & Forgiveness

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With respect to forgiving others for past hurts done to you my
position on this is as follows:

We are all Divine Beings of Love and from Love cannot originate any kind of hurt whatsoever. Hence forgiveness becomes a moot point. We have unfortunately become unconscious of our true nature and have chosen to believe lies about ourselves, each other and our situation.

The “so-called hurt” that one has stored within must of necessity be accessed and released completely before an individual can become fully aware of who they and the other are i.e. Divine Beings as I said above.

I don’t know if you’ve ever watched the early versions of Star Trek but I will refer to an episode that in some way depicts our situation here in this reality.

In this episode the ship was invaded by an invisible force that caused all ship members to turn against each other. Captain Kirk realized this at some point and had everyone injected with a kind of “laughing gas” that made everybody mellow and unable to feel any feelings of anger towards each other. This made it impossible for this force to feed off of the energy of
the members and hence it had to leave the ship.

All hurt due to trauma and otherwise that is stored in our
minds/bodies/energy fields are like movies that never really happened to us. We however call them part of our life history and hence feel and act out the anger towards others for past “hurts”. Hence the difficulty with forgiveness.

In my view forgiveness is missing the point. That is that we are all caught in a force field of illusion that in no way represents who we are or what is actually going on. This illusion is stored and being held in the collective
consciousness of the planet and is feeding off of the vital life energy of humanity thereby disabling it.

Once this illusion is dismantled (see my many articles on the Mind Resonance Process(TM) (MRP) a modality that does just this) one will begin to see all of this clearly.

Unfortunately having said all of this in the end it’s only an experience of MRP that can convey what I am trying to say. Words usually don’t get there because many on this planet are unconsciously programmed at the mind level with limiting beliefs that block like a filter the truth about what is being said.

You may recall another movie here “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers”.

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