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Russian Roulette: Or Doing Business in Eastern Bloc Countries

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Your plane ticket may cost $1500.

As a Westerner, the risk of being kidnapped by fanatics is always present.

You may want to read a few current books about the Art Of Negotiation before even contemplating a business venture in an Eastern Bloc country.

Your family, friends, boss or business partner may be hit for a million dollars or more to ensure your release and freedom, which is, without doubt, priceless.

On a monetary level, entering foreign markets and becoming an investor for the first time can be extremely daunting.

It is imperative that investors formulate a detailed plan prior to making their first dollar of investment into Russia.

It is essential to gather advice and business people, attorneys, tax advisors and other key advisors together in order to analyze your investment in its entirety.

The one certainty in Russia is that over a period of time, the rules of the game will change. Be prepared.

The investor may have to walk away, not every battle is worth fighting, although some battles are necessary to fight in order to establish a precedent and the notion that the investor will not be bullied.

The key is to take the time and energy to learn and understand what works and what doesn’t work in Russia before entering the market and to stay on top of business and political developments throughout the life of a project.

More importantly, if you choose to work in a high-risk business world and want to have the success without personal risk, follow a few simple rules.

Before even stepping foot on a plane to any Eastern Bloc country, organize security for your business trip.
Your personal safety is of paramount importance.

Do not leave your hotel in Russia without a bodyguard.

Make sure the eyes in the back of your head are in perfect working order!

For business tactics take a pocket guide regarding Russian business, customs and etiquette.

In today’s Mother Russia, kidnappings are a common occurrence.
They are done in the name of religious fanatics and that evil commodity called Money.

Yvonne Bornstein - EzineArticles Expert Author

Yvonne Bornstein

Author of Eleven Days Of Hell – My True Story Of Kidnapping, Terror,
Torture and Historic FBI and KGB Rescue


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