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The Secrets of Sales

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How many times have you read an entire ebook you get for free?

Does the information in the ebook contain good or enough valuable information that you consider worthwhile reading for?

In these two questions, my answer will be “very few”

Most of the ebook you’ve seen out there for free doesn’t contain much of good information. Why? Because they are doing affiliate program or they are promoting their own product.

There are so many links inside the ebook, when you click one or two of them and buy the product, they earn a fat commission.

One thing I don’t like it because is like buying a DVD back home and when you are watching it, 5-6 previews and trailer shows up, but you are waiting for the real meat to come.

They are doing the right thing and I have no objection for that, but truly, in my personal opinion, to maintain a good relationship with the customer, you will need to give them more valuable information, something that is worthwhile for them to read and can truly benefit them, not just selling.

You are educating your customer; at the same time, you are gaining their trust and your reputation.

I once heard the great business philosopher Jim Rohn said that “Give them what they want, and you will get what you want”

But you have to give them something valuable, don’t just give them something that you are not doing or using or just trying to sell them every time.

Sometimes when I sign up for the newsletter, I found out that it is all pointing towards selling something. They are doing right, but I will seldom open the letter and read it, because I know it will going to be saying the same thing, just selling to you.

I think that’s the reason why we are so bombarded with information overload, because everyday when you open your email and found a lot of newsletter that you have signed up. You found most of them are promoting, but just a few that really teaches something that’s of value.

If we just stay our focus and stop being bombarded with those newsletter or the latest product or whatsoever, I bet your road to success with be smoother.

Like me, for example, I sign up for a few newsletters and will just take a look at one or two of them that I think worthwhile reading to me. Other’s I either delete them or never open it, because they are all selling or promoting.

However, if you can have a good relationship with your customer at first, gain their trust. Then you could start suggesting products that will benefit them.

Have you heard of the phrase “20% of your customers are responsible for 80% of your sales”?

Your existing customer will bring you more than just one time of sale, it maybe a life time.

Converting a visitor to a life time customer, how’s that sound?

If you want to know more information about converting visitor’s to Life Time Customer, please visit, you will not only find the information for free, you will also get tools for free.

You’ll be surprised of how much information this website has and how much he is giving out.

Titus Cheng is the author of “Instant Ebook Profit”, he is a young a enthusiastic entrepreneur,


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